Love the Life you Lead. Fall 2013 DAY SIX. Melinda Abrams

Love the Life you Lead. Fall 2013
DAY SIX. Melinda Abrams

Tis the season to be_______.

I love this season, yet you might be surprised to hear what I love.

You see I used to hate this season. The constant messages to buy stuff, the barrage of junk food everywhere, the barrage of FOOD everywhere, the kid parties-the parent parties-the work parties, the family expectations to include everyone in everything, the noise, the gift buying. . . . .UGH!, and it’s cold and getting colder–just give me a blanket. IT IS JUST SO BUSY! Even writing about it I feel my self holding my breathe, tensing my brow, rolling my eyes, feeling my head spin with all of the STUFF. . . yearning to yell STOP. JUST STOP.

. . . .because IT IS THE SEASON . . . and that’s when I breathe. It is the season. A big deep breath. It’s the season of autumn and we are moving into the season of winter. Another big deep breath. It’s the season of recognizing the abundant beauty of exquisite autumn leaves. . .and then witnessing those leaves wither and fall, exposing the raw naked beauty of winter trees.

It’s the season of transition, and those trees remind us to let go and release.

Ok, they remind ME to let go and release. They remind me to stand tall in my naked beauty and share. By naked beauty I don’t mean unclothed…rather I mean willing to bear my heart and soul, sharing what is profoundly meaningful to me. That doesn’t happen in a store. That doesn’t happen after the numbness of alcohol or food. That doesn’t happen if I hide my heart and soul from the chaos of the season, or from you. . .

Another big deep breath.

I love the quiet of the season, the crunch of the fallen leaves, the crispness in the air, and the darkness of the night.

I love contemplating my highs and lows of the past year, and dreaming about what’s in store for next year.

I love going for a walk with a trusted friend and sharing with her what I am grieving.

I love lighting candles in the dark and lighting them with a prayer. I love burning shit. I love writing down beliefs and habits that no longer serve me, and then burning them in loving light. I love doing that this time of year more than any other time of year. I love doing this by my self and I love doing it with my most trusted confidants.

I love creating art.

I love surrendering to the chaos and riding that energy until it subsides. I no longer try to control the chaos of the season. I smile as I write this, because this feels really really good.

I love moving my body. Yoga, zumba, walking, lifting weights, authentic movement, dancing, sex, nia, dancing at a music show. . . I love moving my body, and I am sad that I don’t spend as much time moving my body as I did as a younger woman.

I love saying NO….no I cannot add another client this month, yet I’d be thrilled to begin with you in January.

I love moments with my husband, and moments with my children when we contemplate together, play silly games, go on adventures together.

I love connecting to MY purpose and deepening my understanding of how I can work and live into what my soul is called to do.

I used to resist transition, now I embrace it. I’m still uncomfortable at my growing edges. I still hold back my most tender parts of my heart and soul. . . .yet now I LOVE transition.

Tis the season.

Like the song says. . .”To everything, turn, turn turn…there is a season, turn, turn turn, and a time for every purpose under heaven”

May you connect with your purpose. . . pause each day . . .and be moved by the life you live.


About melindarabrams

Melinda Abrams, CPCC, MSA is a champion of the shared experience. She consistently moves individuals and groups to deeper levels of connection and support, and models ‘being moved’ by what is present in the space. She believes that in this creative combustion, capacity expands ….simply, naturally, magnificently. In addition to coaching corporate executives, Melinda takes great pleasure collecting and sharing messages about Loving the Life you Lead on facebook and her blog Moving Leaders. She loves coaching, delivering experiential programs at outdoor education centers, teaching teleclasses, holding weekend retreats, and guiding leaders to MOVE. Melinda brings over 20 years of teaching and leadership development to Moving Leaders. Her work spans experiences with youth, corporate clients, and both business and medical graduate students at Duke, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State and Wake Forest Universities. Her commitment is to serve emerging leaders as they move towards shared enthusiastic leadership. And YES! Melinda is also an artist. She creates unique handpainted scarves. In my art, my coaching, and my spiritual practice I consistently return to wonder and awe. As I turn to wonder and create from there I experience a profound connection with source. This movement brings me to this latest series of scarves. I love the idea of wrapping oneself in an idea–an intention– a possibility, and creating beauty with that intention. My hope is that when one chooses this scarf to wear, they turn from disconnected bland to soulful brilliant. Of course when the scarf is open and hung you can read the message, yet when it is draped and worn, the message is simply seen as a design. My promise is that the wearer is reminded to turn towards the message and that the message is shared through the wearers actions and interactions with others. Melinda Abrams Melinda loves living in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband and three children.
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