Closing 2013 moving into 2014

One of the most impactful things you can do to increase the joy, satisfaction, and love in your life and work is . . . . . wait for it. . . .


Really simple.  Before you jump into the busy of 2014, pause.  take 30 minutes and reflect  on 2013.  Do this for your self.  Do this with your family.  Do this with the people you work with.


What did I accomplish in 2013?

What moved me to tears in 2013?  (both joy and pain)

What were joyful moments of 2013?

What did I fail at in 2013?

What do I want to LEAVE in 2013 as I head into 2014?

Then breathe into the spaciousness of that.  Before you name and claim goals and intentions for 2014. . .


As you enter into 2014 DO the following five things consistently, and I promise you will have profound satisfaction in your life and in your work:

1-Pause.  Take a breathe.  Simply doing that with consciousness grounds you and gets you present.

2-Wonder.  That’s it, just wonder.  All kinds of possibilities open up when you wonder.

3-Begin with Awe.  Bless you beginnings and GO.

4-Move your body.  Move your body every day.  Mix it up.  Walk, run, lift weights, zumba, yoga. . . whatever, just move your body.

5- Share.  You are not alone…ever.  As you move towards your edges you might feel lonely.  We are meant for substantive intimacy.  When you share you have access to satisfaction beyond your dreams.

May you Love the life you Lead.



About melindarabrams

Melinda Abrams, CPCC, MSA is a champion of the shared experience. She consistently moves individuals and groups to deeper levels of connection and support, and models ‘being moved’ by what is present in the space. She believes that in this creative combustion, capacity expands ….simply, naturally, magnificently. In addition to coaching corporate executives, Melinda takes great pleasure collecting and sharing messages about Loving the Life you Lead on facebook and her blog Moving Leaders. She loves coaching, delivering experiential programs at outdoor education centers, teaching teleclasses, holding weekend retreats, and guiding leaders to MOVE. Melinda brings over 20 years of teaching and leadership development to Moving Leaders. Her work spans experiences with youth, corporate clients, and both business and medical graduate students at Duke, University of North Carolina, North Carolina State and Wake Forest Universities. Her commitment is to serve emerging leaders as they move towards shared enthusiastic leadership. And YES! Melinda is also an artist. She creates unique handpainted scarves. In my art, my coaching, and my spiritual practice I consistently return to wonder and awe. As I turn to wonder and create from there I experience a profound connection with source. This movement brings me to this latest series of scarves. I love the idea of wrapping oneself in an idea–an intention– a possibility, and creating beauty with that intention. My hope is that when one chooses this scarf to wear, they turn from disconnected bland to soulful brilliant. Of course when the scarf is open and hung you can read the message, yet when it is draped and worn, the message is simply seen as a design. My promise is that the wearer is reminded to turn towards the message and that the message is shared through the wearers actions and interactions with others. Melinda Abrams Melinda loves living in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband and three children.
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One Response to Closing 2013 moving into 2014

  1. Mona says:

    It is good to know that you are well and staying on a positive path in your life. Mona

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